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About Fonterra

Fonterra is a global leader in dairy nutrition

When it comes to bringing dairy nutrition to consumers, Fonterra is a world-leading New Zealand dairy exporter, sharing our high-quality dairy goodness with over 1 billion people. 


Fonterra is the world’s largest processor of dairy products.  With total revenue of around $22 billion, with 22,000 employees (including more than 10,000 outside New Zealand), and a sales network that reaches customers in more than 140 countries, the business is a clear leader in the international dairy market.


We are a co-operative that is owned by 10,500 New Zealand farming families who believe in natural dairy farming


In New Zealand, farming is a way of life and because of our unique environment, our cows graze on lush green grassy pastures all year round – a natural food for cows. 

Fonterra ensures that our products meet and exceed robust food quality and safety standards in our pursuit to be the most trusted source of dairy nutrition in the world. Look out for our Trusted Goodness™ quality seal on pack. It’s our promise, to New Zealand and the world, that when you buy one of our products, you’ll be enjoying the world’s finest dairy.

Anchor's story

We would like to share our story of goodness from grass to glass with you.

Our Anchor Brand comes from New Zealand, a source of pure dairy goodness, and has been around for more than 130 years. Anchor’s founder, Henry Reynolds, arrived in New Zealand from Cornwall in 1868.  An entrepreneurial farmer, he first established a small dairy factory at Pukekura in 1886, with the aim of making quality butter.


Over the years the cherished brand went from strength to strength and Henry decided to sell Anchor to the New Zealand Dairy Association in 1896, which later became part of the Fonterra Co-operative in 2001.


Today, thanks to over 130 years of good ‘old dairy know-how, modern innovation and ingenuity, the goodness of Anchor is available in over 160 products and across 80 countries. Because we believe that goodness feeds greatness, our products are made with the natural goodness of dairy. Whether it’s milk, butter or cheese, it’s nature’s way of helping you start strong and go strong daily. 


This is why we strive to champion human potential, drop by drop, glass by glass, day by day


Because achieving greatness isn’t something that happens overnight, it’s something you work towards with strength and self-belief, every single day.

As you can see, here at Anchor, we are passionate about dairy and what it can do for life.


Meet the Team

Alex Turnbull


Global Consumer Exports

Alex has been with Fonterra for more than 25 years, spending decades traveling the world delighting consumers with the goodness of Anchor.


He is immensely proud that we feed the world the most amazing dairy nutrition and he even played a hand in bringing a Kiwi culinary masterpiece, Mouse Traps (Marmite on toast with melted Tasty cheese) to Brazil.


Alex's favourite Fonterra product is the classic Anchor full cream milk.


Whether it's coffee or his wife's homemade muesli, breakfast is always better with a bit of ice-cold Anchor Milk.



Matt Laming

Business Development Manager

Global Consumer Exports

Matt has spent the last two decades with Fonterra, moving his way up from the shop floor to holding senior leadership roles across Procurement, Operations, Supply Chain, Strategy, and Transformation.


He loves being a part of an organisation that takes the best of New Zealand to the world, while also making a positive impact both domestically and globally.


As a son of a vet from North Otago and brother of a farmer, he takes pride in coming from a family that has a connection to both the Farm and the consumer end of the Value Chain.


Anchor Culinary Cream's brilliant functionality and flavour in cooking applications turn Matt into a hero in the kitchen.


It absolutely transforms his signature creamy mushroom dish every time.



Varun Khetrapal

E-commerce Business Manager

Global Consumer Exports

Varun is the Anchor Exports E-Commerce Business Manager and looks after our online presence on target e-commerce platforms, developing sales of Anchor consumer products to new markets, distributors and customers.


Originally from India, he has grown up in New Zealand and has a strong interest in dairy having come from a family with a long history of farming and agriculture.


Varun's last name Khetrapal means 'farmer' in Hindi!  His out of the box way of thinking extends from work to his home life where Varun is always up to date with the latest technology and gadget releases.


Varun's favourite dairy product is Anchor Protein+, which compliments his passion for fitness and the outdoors. He is a firm believer in healthy living and a balanced lifestyle and is proud to represent a company where he has the opportunity to drive world-class nutrition to consumers. 

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