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Q - Where are products in the catalogue manufactured and supplied from?

Products in the catalogue are currently manufactured and supplied from New Zealand except for processed cheese and cream cheese spreads which are manufactured and supplied from our factory in Saudi Arabia.

In future, we will be introducing products to our catalogue that are manufactured and supplied from other countries within our global manufacturing network.

We will require you to confirm eligibility and the registration status for specific products of interest for your market.

Q - From what point is the shelf life declaration measured?

Shelf life specified in the catalogue is from date of finished goods manufacture.

Q - Does this catalogue represent the full Fonterra range of products?

Initially, we are launching our Anchor Exports catalogue with our most popular global products.  Over time we will be introducing additional product categories, formats, and brands as we grow our Anchor portfolio.

Q - If I have an opportunity for a product that is not in the catalogue, who do I contact?

To discuss a new business case, please send an email to the team at

Q - What are the Export HS Codes of the products in the catalogue?

Here's a list of available Export HS Codes for your reference:

Whole Milk Powder: 0402210019F
Skim Milk Powder: 0402100002C
Butter Salted: 0405100009E and 0405100009B
Butter Unsalted: 0405100001K
Processed Cheese: 0406300000G
Natural Cheddar Cheese: 0406900011D

If what you require is not on the list, please send an email to the team at

Q - How do I find out more information about the products?

To find more information about the product including technical specifications, storage and handling, packaging and nutritional information, or for any queries or general questions – please send an email to the team at

Q - Are all the products on your catalogue eligible for import into my country?

No, not necessarily. Fonterra will complete due diligence checks prior to confirming an order to ensure we are able to ship the product to your port of choice.  If we find that product is not eligible for market access, we will endeavour to find an alternative solution to meet your needs.

Q - Who can buy Anchor on GDT Marketplace?

Only approved Anchor Market Partners can buy Anchor on GDT Marketplace. If you are interested in becoming an Anchor Market Partner, please complete the Anchor Market Partners questionnaire here and a member of our team will be in touch with you.

Q - Is GDT Marketplace the right channel for me?

GDT Marketplace allows Fonterra to reach a broader range of customers and is a fast and efficient way to secure ANCHOR products from Fonterra using an online model. Should you have any questions or require further information, please contact us on

Q - Where can I learn more about how GDT Marketplace works?

GDT Marketplace has a great support section which explains how the platform works including videos and tutorials to guide you. You can visit the GDT Marketplace support page here.

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